The Middleburg Town Council approved a policy last week that will require developers to pay a fee, as yet undetermined, in lieu of providing off-street parking sites. The fees collected will be put into a fund that will be used to build a municipal parking lot, according to Town Manager Gerard Rogers.

Under the new policy, the fee must be paid before the waiver is granted and will not be refunded if the developers' parking needs change, Rogers said. Because the council decided not to make the policy an amendment to the parking ordinance, it can be changed in the future without going through the amendment process.

In other action, the Planning Commission gave its final draft of the town's comprehensive plan to the Town Council last week. According to Rogers, the current land use plan was approved 12 years ago; under the Virginia code a new one should be drawn up every five years. The commission has been working on the new plan since 1982 and has had the assistance of the state Housing and Community Development Department.

The council will hold at least one work session on the plan and will probably hold a public hearing on it after the holidays, Rogers said. Council members will have 90 days after the hearing to either approve the plan or send it back to the Planning Commission for changes.

Meanwhile, the council reappointed Carr P. Cook and May Abadie to the planning commission.