New Car Winner

Though she is 10 years off from getting a driver's license, a new car is on the way for 6-year-old Sorin Martin, courtesy of Mickey Mouse.

Sorin, a first-grade student at Peabody Elementary School, was on a family trip when she entered Disneyland, in Anaheim, Calif. As she walked in, lights flashed and music played, signaling her as one of the winners in the park's 30th anniversary celebration, which includes a new car for every 30,000th visitor.

According to her mother, Nancy, Sorin was entitled to pick out the car of her choice, and settled on a red-and-white Chevrolet Cavalier because no pink cars were available. Sorin drew pictures of the car and sent them with a thank-you note to Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disneyland. Retirement Party

Over 40 years ago, tuberculosis threatened Arthur Cooke's life. Through the rehabilitation program at the Tuberculosis Association, he recovered; when he did, he joined the staff.

The Association changed its name to the D.C. Lung Association, but it kept a valued employe, grateful for his health. On Nov. 14, friends, family and coworkers joined Cooke for a retirement party at the Panorama Room in Anacostia, in the neighborhood where he was born in 1920.

Allen Anderson, executive director of the Lung Association, noted that "Mr. Cooke is the type of person who commands respect, rather than demands it."