The Purcellville Town Council, which recently rejected two bids for a 6,500-square-foot parcel of land on which an old water tower stands because both bids were too low, may make a trade for the property instead. According to Town Manager William Dennis, the town may negotiate a trade with persons who own land near the watershed on Short Hill mountain. The town owns two tracts of land on Short Hill totaling 1,200 square feet separated by the privately owned parcel.

The trade would give Purcellville officials easements if it ever became necessary to run water pipes between the two tracts, Dennis said.

The preservation association's request that the site be turned into a park was rejected by the council. Mayor Ron Masters said, "It is in the downtown business district and really not suitable for parks."

The town may also make Loudoun County a trustee for the land on which the Purcellville library stands. Dennis said the town is currently trustee for the land but the county, which owns and runs the library, wants to expand the facility by building a new wing with part of the $6.5 million library bond approved by voters in November 1984.

According to Dennis, the county cannot expand the library unless it owns or is trustee of the land. Final arrangements will be made with County Administrator Philip Bolen.