Despite an offer from Round Hill Town Council member Mary Anne Graham to update the town's 10-year-old zoning ordinance for a $5 hourly fee, the council decided last week to study the idea further to determine if the job is one for a council member or for the Planning Commission.

According to Mayor Jeff Wolford, Graham is "extremely qualified" to revise the ordinance but some council members disagree on whether Graham has the experience to do the job. "Now they have to decide how important this job is, how soon they want it done and how they want to do it," Wolford said. Graham will present the council with an outline of her plans at tonight's council meeting.

The council also voted unanimously to take the town off a two-month voluntary water restriction requested by Wolford when the water level in Hamilton's 10-million gallon reservoir measured near the 6-million gallon mark.

Due to the recent floods, the reservoir is overflowing, Wolford said. Ordinarily the reservoir is completely fed by springs and dips below the 10-million gallon level in August, September and October, which usually are very dry months in the area, he said. -- Donna Acquaviva