More than 2,000 uniformed police officers from New York to Virginia crushed into Our Lady of Fatima Church in Baltimore yesterday for the funeral of an officer slain during a chase involving a stolen car.

Vincent Adolfo, 25, a 3 1/2-year member of the force, was shot twice at close range Monday when he chased a man driving a stolen luxury car with stolen tags up an alley and out of sight of his fellow officer, who was guarding people who had been passengers in the car.

The Rev. John O'Toole said Adolfo sacrificed his life to protect the community from theft. "He was one of the guys you want on your side and on that Monday night he laid down his life to protect us," he said.

Police and community organizations are offering $14,000 for the capture of Flint Gregory Hunt, 26, who was charged in a warrant with Adolfo's slaying and was last reported seen in Philadelphia. add d Taxicab Law Upheld

The U.S. Court of Appeals upheld yesterday the constitutionality of a District of Columbia law forbidding hotels to exclude any licensed taxicab driver from using the hotel's taxicab stand.

The law, passed in 1981, was challenged by the Washington Hilton Hotel, which was dissatisfied with its taxicab service and wanted to require special permits for taxis serving the hotel.

Writing for a three-judge panel, Circuit Judge Daniel Friedman said the act serves a legitimate public purpose of eliminating "economic discrimination.