Larry Blackwell, 35, who failed to appear at a court hearing in Washington last month after being arrested in connection with one of the largest seizures of cocaine in the city, was captured last night by federal marshals in an apartment in an Alexandria high-rise.

Blackwell, a Fort Washington resident who had been the object of an intensive manhunt, was seized about 7:30 p.m. in an apartment in the Landmark area by marshals, who received information yesterday about his whereabouts and "acted very quickly," according to a spokesman for the marshals service.

Blackwell's failure to appear Oct. 17 in U.S. District Court here after his arrest the day before prompted efforts to review and revise the system under which suspects may post bond at a police station to gain release immediately after an arrest.

Blackwell and Torrence D. Owens, 36, of Southeast Washington, were arrested after D.C. police said they seized drugs with a street value of about $2 million from an apartment at 4660 Martin Luther King Ave. SE. Each was released about 3 a.m. the next day from the central cell block at police headquarters after a so-called "station house" bond of $5,000 was posted for each. They failed to appear for a hearing before a federal magistrate that afternoon, and bench warrants were issued for their arrests.

According to the marshals service spokesman, marshals from the Alexandria office, accompanied by D.C., Alexandria and Virginia state police, went to a Landmark area apartment last night. After a knock, a woman answered the door and Blackwell "was seen there," the spokesman said.

Blackwell was being held last night in the Fairfax County jail pending a hearing today before a U.S. magistrate in Alexandria. Owens remains at large.

After the two failed to appear at the hearing, at least one law enforcement official said he doubted that the two would remain in this area.