The Maryland Department of Natural Resources says that, in response to complaints from nearby residents, it has revised its plans for a $7 million revitalization of the Fort Washington Marina to keep the public boat ramp there and to remain open during reconstruction.

The department wants to acquire the marina from the National Park Service.

It revised its proposal in the wake of complaints that, as drafted, the plans to upgrade the 300-slip Potomac River marina would inconvenience boaters.

The revised proposal calls for maintaining a public boat-launch ramp, which was eliminated in the original plan. Boaters said the nearest public launch ramp is 15 to 20 miles away.

Park Service officials said that in a recent six-month period, about 1,500 launches were made from the existing ramp.

The state originally planned to shut down the marina for a year during construction, but boaters said there would be no other place in that stretch of river for emergency repairs or fuel.

Under the revised plan, construction will be carried out in phases.

The marina has been owned by the National Park Service since 1974, when the government took it over from a private owner in an effort to preserve the view from Mount Vernon.

The park service released a report stating that the state's plan had "no significant impact" on the environment or the boating community. Citizens have until Dec. 15 to respond to the report.

A park service spokesman said the state and the park service could agree to a transfer of the marina before the end of the month.