Drs. LaSalle D. Leffall Jr., Peter Petrucci, Raymon A. Noble and John F. Burton have been honored by the American Cancer Society for their volunteer service to cancer control programs.

Leffall, chairman of the surgery department at Howard University medical school, is a specialist in oncology, and serves on the editorial boards for Oncology Times and Cancer Treatment Reports.

Leffall joined the American Cancer Society in 1964, and served as the D.C. Division president from 1974-76.

Noble, chief health services officer for the Library of Congress, is a staff physician at the Greater Southeast Community Hospital and a member of the board of directors of Hospice Care here. He has taught medicine at George Washington and Howard universities.

Petrucci teaches at Georgetown University's medical school, and practices with Foxhall Surgical Associates. He is chairman of the D.C. Division's Cancer Aid Plan Committee, which helps cancer patients pay treatment costs.

Burton directs the dental education center at the Veterans Administration Medical Center. He also teaches at Howard University medical school and at the Georgetown dental school. Seniors Get Reading Help

Illiterate senior citizens will soon have a chance to learn to read, with the help of their peers. A grant from B. Dalton Booksellers and ACTION, the federally funded volunteer agency, will provide funds for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) in Washington. Tutors will be trained in the methods of Laubauch Literacy Action, an international volunteer literacy program.

According to Vera Jackson, director of RSVP in Washington, the program is scheduled to begin in January. She said her organization felt "a great need," to begin literacy training for senior citizens because, for example, some senior citizens cannot read the instructions on their prescription drugs.

The RSVP program is limited to senior citizens in an effort to help students overcome an additional problem: embarrassment over their illiteracy.

Those who wish to volunteer, or who know someone who could benefit from the program should call RSVP at 289-1510. Christmas Reunion

Eva Laskin Binstock is serving as publicity chairwoman for this year's Central High School Annual Christmas Reunion. Central High closed in 1950, but according to Binstock, has kept "a very active alumni group." The reunion will be Friday, Dec. 27, at American University. For further information, call 279-7787 or 291-7980.