Tuition for District residents attending the University of the District of Columbia would go up more than 30 percent next fall from $450 to $600 under a plan approved by the university's finance and audit committee.

The proposed increase for undergraduates, which must be approved by the university's board of trustees, represents the second substantial raise in the last three years. Two years, ago, the cost jumped slightly under $300 to $450.

Daniel Fivel, chairman of the finance and audit committee, said the increase was necessary as part of a "bare bones" university budget that provides little additional funding except to cover inflation and planned raises in employe salaries.

University officials have been under pressure from Mayor Marion Barry and the D.C. City Council to increase revenues.

The proposal also calls for marginal tuition increases for graduate and nonresident students from about $2,300 to $2,400. Fivel said he expects the increases to have no significant impact on students.

"If you look at the competition in the Washington area, we're still the best deal in town," he said. "We feel the tuition is, after all, minimal. What you're talking about is basically $2 a day to go to the university, which is less than what it costs to get there on the subway."