A Dallas insurance firm has agreed to write a personal liability policy for Lovettsville Town Council members, according to Mayor J.R. Hummer. At the mayor's request, all work on the town's controversial proposed zoning map and comprehensive plan had been discontinued while officials awaited word on the policy, which they say is necessary because some residents have threatened to bring suit against them if certain rezoning requests are approved. A group of citizens is protesting requests that will put commercial property, currently zoned residential, across from the Lovettsville Elementary School. The parcels at issue belong to Hummer, his wife Grace, who is a council member and Elaine Walker, another council member.

According to Hummer, the regular Town Council meeting, scheduled for the day after Christmas, will be held at 8 p.m. today instead because "It's always difficult to get a quorum during the holidays." Hummer will not attend tonight's meeting, which will include a public hearing on zoning and subdivision ordinance changes, because Grace Hummer is in the hospital. The hearings are being held, the mayor said, in an attempt to prevent the kind of turmoil that has accompanied the proposed the zoning map and land use changes.