A 26-year-old Northwest Washington woman was sentenced to four years in prison yesterday after pleading guilty to charges that she beat, cut and disfigured her 3-year-old daughter in what federal prosecutors described as an "extraordinary" pattern of abuse.

The daughter, Patina Garmany, suffered multiple fractures of her limbs, a deformed elbow, a torn lip, ripped out teeth, a cauliflower ear, cigarette burns, puncture wounds to her fingers and toes and was severely malnourished before she was discovered by authorities a few months ago, according to prosecutors.

The mother, Rocina L. Garmany of 1301 Seventh St. NW, pleaded guilty to charges of malicious disfigurement and cruelty to children and could have been sentenced to up to 12 years in prison.

Her attorney, Abraham C. Blitzer, had asked D.C. Superior Court Judge Nan R. Huhn to place Garmany on probation, saying that his client has been receiving psychiatric treatment. According to documents filed in court, city officials learned about the case a few months ago when Garmany realized "that her behavior toward her child was out of control" and called the D.C. Department of Human Services.

Social workers who investigated found that the injured child had been abused for at least a year and bore scars over much of her body, could barely talk and began to cry when they touched her.

The child was taken to Children's Hospital and was later placed in a foster home, as was another Garmany child who is 2 and was apparently uninjured, officials said.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Harriet J. McFaul said Patina Garmany will have to undergo plastic surgery to correct some of her scars. "At her mother's mercy in these years, the child has suffered unspeakable pain and emotional torment caused solely" by Garmany, McFaul said in a presentencing memorandum.

According to psychiatric reports filed in the case, Rocina Garmany was herself abused as a child, and later by her boyfriends. She was unmarried and had been living aimlessly since her mother's death 10 years ago, sometimes without a home. Patina at one point was placed temporarily with foster parents when Garmany was homeless.

One report stated that Garmany, who has an IQ in the 80s, which is considered below average, simply did not know how to react to her daughter and grew upset with her when she was not toilet trained at 12 months of age.