More than 100 Takoma Park employes will each find something extra in their Christmas stockings this year: a $500 bonus from the city.

Last summer, when the council adopted a $5.3 million budget for fiscal 1986, it earmarked $51,771 for bonus payments for Takoma Park's 93 full-time and 25 part-time employes, city officials said. The council voted this week to make the payments by the end of the year.

Seasonal, temporary and contract employes are ineligible for the bonuses, which are "in recognition of performance of valued service to the city," said City Administrator James S. Wilson Jr.

Current employes who were on the city payroll as of July 1, when the current fiscal year began, are eligible to receive the bonuses.

In other action, the council unanimously adopted a resolution eulogizing former city clerk M. Sibyl Pusti, 64, who was fatally injured last week after falling from the 11th-story balcony of her apartment building on Maple Avenue.

Pusti, a widow, had been a city employe since 1970. She was appointed city clerk in 1975 and since then had "quietly performed her extensive duties in a dependable, organized and effecient manner," the council stated.

"To those persons with whom she worked closely, she exemplified qualities many of us would wish to emulate," the council continued: "composure under stress, patience, compassion for others' pain and empathy with their problems."