A federal Drug Enforcement Agency task force arrested seven persons yesterday who are alleged to be part of a $2-million-a-month cocaine distribution ring in the heart of Virginia's horse country, a Loudoun County Sheriff's Department spokesman said.

DEA Special Agent Robert J. O'Leary said the arrests were the result of information obtained after the Oct. 24 arrests of Maria R. Fuentes, 33, and Felipe M. Macias, 26, in Springfield on drug charges. O'Leary said those arrested yesterday were suspected of being "fairly large-scale customers."

The raid was conducted by 11 arrest teams, according to Sgt. Terry McCracken, a spokesman for the Loudoun Sheriff's Department.

Sales records and drug paraphernalia were confiscated during the arrests, which were made without incident, he said.

"Information had been developed by the task force that a Bolivian female was trafficking in large amounts of cocaine," O'Leary said.

Fuentes and Macias were arrested after a federal search warrant was executed at 8100 Willow Dale Ct. in Springfield with the help of the Loudoun County Sheriff's Department.

The two were indicted by a federal grand juryin Alexandria -- Fuentes on 15 counts, including possession with intent to distribute cocaine, and Macias on two counts.

According to an affidavit filed after the execution of the search warrant, Fuentes told an officer that about 24 ounces of cocaine had been brought to the house during the week of Oct. 14, and that she was upset because other individuals involved in the acquisition and distribution of cocaine were making "all the money" and she was "not making any money."

About two ounces of cocaine were confiscated from the house, the affidavit stated.

Fuentes and Macias are being held without bond, O'Leary said. He said Fuentes could receive up to 208 years in prison if convicted.

Those arrested yesterday on charges of conspiring to distribute cocaine, according to McCracken, were:

Donald E. Williams, 40, of Rectortown, Va.; Curtis L. Murray, 20, of Middleburg; Debra L. Hitt, 25, of Middleburg; Edgar R. Surface, 27, of Middleburg; and Brenda J. Bower, 23, of Middleburg.

Those arrested on charges of possession with intent to distribute, he said, were:

Alvin W. Mitchell, 26, of Middleburg and John K. Hockman, 33, also of Middleburg, he said.

Also arrested yesterday on drug charges not connected with the case were Alma G. Colley, 23, of Sterling, on a charge of distribution of cocaine, and Tina R. Guessford, 25, also of Sterling, on a charge of distribution of PCP, McCracken said.