The following is based on interviews and documents filed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria: Spring 1981: Prestige Motor Cars Ltd. of Las Vegas imports a new gray BMW 528i and sells it to a Georgia car dealership. Early 1983: After changing hands several times, the car is purchased by Aaron Cohen of Atlanta and is demolished in an accident. Another 1981 gray BMW 528i that had been stolen in New York City on April 27, 1982, is fitted with its vehicle identification number. Feb. 3, 1983: Aetna Casualty and Surety Co. of Atlanta sells the car to Peachtree Rent-A-Car Inc. of Chamblee, Ga. The insurance company apparently got the car from a salvage dealer. Oct. 12, 1983: Peachtree Rent-A-Car sells the car to G&F Imported Cars of Roswell, Ga. Dec. 1, 1983: The father of the president of G&F, who was given the car and has driven it from Georgia to his home in Baltimore, sells the car to Frank Edward Smith of Cockeysville, Md. Feb. 23, 1984: Smith sells the car to Cortlandt M. Taylor of Falls Church. April 28, 1984: Taylor sells the car to Heishman BMW in Arlington. June 4, 1984: Heishman sells the car to Ralph C. Rinzler of the District. March 6, 1985: An FBI agent tells Rinzler he owns stolen property, repossesses the car and returns it to its original owner.