Prince William County will pay the town of Dumfries $1,000 to use its town hall for six weeks in March and April for the sale of county tags. The town recently gave the county permission to use the site after county offices moved from Manassas to Woodbridge in October.

According to officials, use of the Dumfries facility will make it easier for residents in the western end of the county to purchase their annual county auto tags.

Two Town Council members opposed the recently approved resolution because of the traffic problems it will cause in the town and because Dumfries just paid $2,000 for new town hall carpeting, on which tag-buying crowds will walk. Town Clerk Rhetta Ladd said, "I don't worry about that. We can always get the carpet cleaned."

The annual Dumfries Christmas party will be held this week at town hall but is not open to the public, said Vice Mayor Marjorie Davis. Only current and former town officials are invited, she said. "That's the sad part. It's a nice event but if we opened it up to everybody the town couldn't afford it."

The Town Council, which recently approved a raise for Town Council members and a mayor to be elected in May, has now given a $10 raise to the planning commission as well. According to Davis, the raise -- from $10 to $20 per meeting -- came because increased development in the area causes the commission to meet at least once and sometimes twice a week. "It's a heavy schedule and they deserve the money," she said.

In other business, the planning commission is considering a new house address system to facilitate fire and rescue efforts and enable the town to hold an informal census.

According to newly appointed engineer and zoning administrator Joseph Lamont, the town of 2,600 residents has been using an inconsistent numbering system. Because of that, officials aren't even sure how many households Dumfries has.

Lamont said that in order to do the job, zoning maps had to be obtained from a state agency that no longer exists -- the department of housing and community development -- and he had to do some detective work to find the former director of the mapping department. The zoning maps will be mailed "soon," Lamont said. "But it will be another month before we see any action on this."