A 22-year-old man has been charged by a D.C. Superior Court grand jury with raping three women earlier this year in the Cleveland Park and Mount Pleasant areas of Northwest Washington, according to a 27-count indictment released yesterday by the U.S. attorney's office.

The rapes were characterized in Superior Court documents as particularly brutal, with the victims held at knifepoint and, in two instances, beaten while they were blindfolded and their hands were tied behind their backs.

Michael Anthony Jones, of 1321 Fairmont St. NW, was charged in the indictment with three counts of rape while armed, four counts of kidnaping while armed, one count of assult with intent to kill while armed, four counts of first-degree burglary while armed, three counts of armed robbery, three counts of first-degree theft, three counts of destruction of property, two counts of attempted first-degree burglary, and one count each of sodomy, second-degree burglary and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

According to a detention order filed in Superior Court, Jones had three separate convictions in 1982 for burglary and grand larceny and a 1980 conviction for robbery.

He was arrested by the FBI in New York on Nov. 1 on a Superior Court warrant charging him with rape while armed, and is currently being held without bond pending trial, the detention order states.

The grand jury charges stem from three incidents on Klingle Road NW, one on Quebec Street NW and one on Harvard Street NW that occurred between Jan. 23 and Sept. 26, according to court documents and a spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office.

In the first incident, Jones is accused in the indictment of robbing money and jewelry from a woman at knifepoint, abducting her from her home on Harvard Street, then sodomizing and raping her.

According to the detention order, Jones is also accused of breaking into a house on Klingle Road on March 14, putting a knife to a woman's neck and beating and raping her on a sofa while she was blindfolded and her hands were tied behind her back.

When the woman complained about the attack, according to the document and the indictment, Jones allegedly choked her with an object until she passed out, cut the lines to two telephones, stole some jewelry and stereo equipment, then left in the woman's car.

On April 22, according to the indictment, Jones, armed with a knife and pipe, broke into a home on Quebec Street, "abducted and carried away" three children and raped their mother. The detention order says the woman was blindfolded, choked and beaten, and that the house was ransacked.

The last two incidents, on April 27 and Sept. 26, occurred at a house on Klingle Road. On the first occasion, the indictment alleges, Jones attempted to break into the home and burglarize it while a woman was there, and on the second he broke in and stole some jewelry, apparently while no one was home.