Rep. Stan Parris (R-Va.) will offer 100 parking spaces at the old railroad station in Quantico to a proposed Northern Virginia-Washington commuter rail line project, according to Mayor Lively Abel. Although the town would not gain any parking revenue from the move, the parking would be free, Abel said. Officials hope commuters using the lot would "bring a little business."

The town recently hired a retired marine to replace a police officer who went to nearby Dumfries "for more money," Abel said. The new officer, who brings the towns force up to full status at one part-time and three full-time officers, will begin attending the Northern Virginia police academy next month for training.

At least nine local charities benefited from a sidewalk sale offered recently by the Marine shop in Quantico, according to spokeswoman Connie Mayer. The shop, which specializes in military clothing and gear, sold items no longer considered regulation and gave $2,000 raised to charities such as the Salvation Army Christmas Basket Fund, the Marine Memorial Chapel Fund, the Dumfries-Triangle Rescue Squad and the Quantico Lions Club. "Our goal was to raise $1,000, so we are more than pleased with the results," Mayer said.