Here we are at the halfway point of our annual fund-raising campaign on behalf of Children's Hospital, and we are whizzing. The totals continue to point in an onward-upward direction. Could we be cultivating a record year? All the portents say yes, at least so far.

Here's what so far looks like, brought to you direct from the trusty adding machine:

Grand total to date: $149,221.28.

Total given this week: $57,705.12.

Individual donors to date: 1,803.

Group donors to date: 382.

For those of you who are historically inclined, the grand total at this time a year ago read $123,461.39. That means we are still cruising along at about 115 percent of last year's pace.

But the week into which we are heading is traditionally the one that puts us over the hump -- or behind the eight-ball. If you'd prefer the former outcome -- and I certainly would -- please make a contribution to the campaign today. It's a way to cast a vote for the kids of our community, and who deserves a holiday tip of the checkbook more than they do? TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE CAMPAIGN:

Make a check or money order payable to Children's Hospital and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., 20071.

Donation of the week ($40 worth) comes from Carol Green of Chevy Chase. Her story might be titled, How Children's Walks the Extra Mile.

"Our 17-year-old son, Mark, an avid piano player, was at Children's two years ago for diagnosis of a heart irregularity," Carol writes. "While chatting with one of the nurses, he happened to mention missing his piano (a source of comfort at times of stress).

"A couple of hours later, the door of his room flew open and in came a piano on a dolly, pushed by two beaming nurses. Mark will never cease to be in awe of this!"

Isn't that the kind of hospital -- and the kind of staff -- the kids of this community need? I'd say that's the easiest question of this or any other week.

Group donors continue to make a delightful traffic jam in the file cabinet. Some recent givers:

The senior class at Saint Agnes School in Alexandria ($36.27 from a Christmas party).

The Northern Virginia International Training in Communication Club ($125).

Housing Division, Bureau of the Census ($97).

The Alley Kats, a 31-woman bowling league in Annandale ($135 from a holiday raffle).

The staff of the Washington office of Sen. John Glenn's re-election campaign ($60 worth of the right stuff -- sorry, gang, I couldn't resist).

The Star Point Society, Hope Chapter No. 73, Order of the Eastern Star, Fairfax ($25).

Parents and children at Carlin Hall Playschool, Arlington ($100.44 in lieu of gifts for teacher Debbie Meiselman, at Debbie's request).

The troops at the Training Support Division, Office of Training and Education, Central Intelligence Agency ($100).

The Ladies Friendship Bowling League ($121).

The Washington, D.C. Data Center staff of the American Association of Retired Persons ($135).

The Happy Warriors of All Saints Episcopal Church -- Sharon Chapel, Alexandria ($140).

And the employes of U.S. Postal Service Advance Deposit Business Reply Mail, pay location 228 ($80).

Thanks very much, one and all.