We thought it might be fun to see what subscribers to The Washington Post would have read on New Year's morning at 10-year intervals starting a century ago. We'll scan an important national or international item and a major local item:

*1886: Britain annexed Burmah (that's how it was spelled) to her India empire . . . . Fitzhugh Lee of Alexandria was to be sworn in as governor of Virginia.

*1896: British forces were advancing on Pretoria, the capital of Transvaal in South Africa, seeking to put down the Boer rebellion . . . . Former U.S. representative Sidney E. Mudd (R-Md.) of Charles County was nominated for speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates but was defeated the next day by W. Cabell Bruce of Baltimore, who was later to be a Democratic U.S. senator.

*1906: Republicans in Indiana were locked in a battle for party control between the conservative forces of Vice President Charles W. Fairbanks and those of progressive Sen. Albert J. Beveridge . . . . Alexandria's "new and modern union passenger railroad station just beyond the city limits" was completed.

*1916: Under a headline, "Price of Gasoline Queer," a reporter speculated why the cost of crude oil rose from $1.35 a barrel in August to $2.15. (Yesterday, it cost about $25.) . . . Local news was sparse.

*1926: Benito Mussolini, the Italian dictator, ordered the abandonment of streetcars -- a source of visual "contamination" -- in Rome as a first step toward restoring that city to its ancient glory . . . . Shannon & Luchs, the real estate firm, announced plans to erect 1,000 homes along Evarts Street NE off Rhode Island Avenue.

*1936: Sweden protested the bombing of its Red Cross hospital by Italian invaders of Ethiopia . . . . D.C. Federation of Citizens Associations pushed a protest of "communistic" books in city schools.

1946: Gen. Douglas MacArthur and the State Department were in a dispute over Japanese occupation . . . . U.S. threatened to sue the operator of government- building cafeterias over, among other things, a 5-cent rise in meat dish costs and a 1-cent rise in pie servings.

*1956: Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tex.), at age 47, returned to duty as Senate majority leader after recuperating from a heart attack . . . . A puppy, missent to Maine from an Iowa kennel, finally made it to her home in Rockville, a page one story.

*1966: President Johnson denounced a steel price increase . . . . D.C. antipoverty funding slashed by U.S.

*1976: South Africa asked help to keep Angola from being "hounded into the communist fold." . . . D.C. Medicaid funding for elderly slashed by U.S . . . . First-class postage rose from 10 to 13 cents.

Sometimes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.