A teller stabbed Monday during a robbery of the First Women's Bank of Maryland in Montgomery County was arrested yesterday in his hospital room on charges of conspiracy and bank robbery.

Serge Joseph La Barre, 20, of the 19000 block of Zinnia Cir., Germantown, was the third man charged with the robbery, FBI officials said. The officials said Steven Douglas Perez, 19, of 12506 Rosebud Dr. in Rockville, and Kevin John Lucia, 19, of 13210 Vandalia St. in Rockville, were charged Thursday with conspiracy and robbery.

La Barre remained in Suburban Hospital where he was in fair condition last night. His bond hearing is scheduled for Thursday. Perez and Lucia are free on $5,000 bonds.

FBI officials said the three men are friends and La Barre agreed to be stabbed as part of the scheme.

"The stabbing may have been a little more severe than they anticipated," said Andrew Manning, a spokesman for the Baltimore office of the FBI. Manning added that the case is unusual.

"In 20 years, it's the first time I've seen anyone take a stab wound to make a hoax look good," he said.

Investigators would not say how much was stolen from the bank at 13541 Clopper Rd. in Gaithersburg, but they said that some of the stolen money has been recovered, along with the 3-inch penknife used in the stabbing.

Manning said that La Barre, who had worked at the bank since it opened Dec. 7, told police he was leaving his job about 8:30 p.m. Monday to get his car in a nearby parking lot when a man with a knife forced him back into the bank and ordered him to open a safe.

La Barre claimed that the man took the money, stabbed him and fled, according to Manning. But investigators were unable to find La Barre's car, Manning said.

The charges against the three men came after investigators eventually traced the car to Perez, Manning said.