Signs, signs, signs! First, let's get up to date on the temporary detour signs that the D.C. Public Works Department erected on the Southwest/Southeast Freeway to steer drivers roundabout from the sinking, but since stabilized, exit ramp at Sixth Street SE.

We reported a week and a half ago that the detour signs remained, at least two months after the need for them had ended. A trip yesterday over the route revealed that the signs were removed after the column appeared.

After noting this, we turned from the exit ramp onto Sixth Street. And there, what did we see? A house on the northeast corner of Sixth Street and Virginia Avenue SE displays an exterior sign extolling the building as part of the city's program of public housing renovation, with the name of Mayor Marion Barry displayed prominently.

Fine, except for one thing. The sign was erected -- and I remember, because it seemed politically motivated at the time -- in 1982 when hizzoner was seeking a second term. It's still there in the year he's expected to seek a third term.

For the next sign, we turn to the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church at Second Street and Rhode Island Avenue NE. A reader said he drives by the church every day and was intrigued with a six-bit word on an exterior sign that proclaimed a "rededicatorial" service on Sunday. Was this, he asked, a case in which a shorter word could have done the trick?

Dictionaries available to me suggest that "rededication," "rededicatory" or the pedantic- sounding "rededicative" would have worked.

Whatever. A woman who answered the phone said the service annually rededicates the lay officers of the church to their religious mission.