An autopsy conducted on the human skeleton found by two joggers in Arlington Saturday afternoon showed nicks on the bone indicating the person died of a stab wound, police said yesterday.

The body was determined to be that of a man in his twenties, officials said, and some identification found with the remains shows the name of a 24-year-old Salvadoran with a North Arlington address.

"There's a pretty good chance it's going to be him," police spokesman Tom Bell said, adding that police would not release the name until they were sure.

Bell said detectives were checking here and in El Salvador to see if anyone had reported the man missing. Based on the condition of the body, police said, the man had been dead for at least a year.

Bell said the address on the identification was not far from Dawson Terrace Recreation Center, 2133 N. Taft St., near where two joggers found the skeleton as they were marking a new jogging trail about one-quarter mile away from I-66.

He said the body was badly decomposed. A skull, torso, arm and leg bones remained, along with one size 7 shoe and some clothing that was deteriorated. Bell would not say where on the body the wound was located or if it had been stabbed more than once.

Bell said police were baffled by the discovery -- the first time, he said, a skeleton has been found in the county.

"We investigated it from the very first night as a homicide," he said. "If he was local, he may have been working; we're trying to track down his job . . . . But no one's reported him missing. That's the strange thing to us."