Internal Revenue Service officers seized an expensive custom-made German sedan today from the home of Jeffrey Levitt, former president of Old Court Savings & Loan, and his wife Karol toward payment of $1.67 million the agency claims the couple owes in income taxes.

The car, a 1984 Bitter with a base price of $43,900, was towed from the Levitts' suburban Lutherville home and placed in storage.

The IRS filed tax liens against the Levitts Tuesday, claiming they owe $438,224 in taxes, interest and penalties for 1983 and $1,233,320 for 1984. The liens were filed in Baltimore County and Worcester County in Maryland and West Palm Beach, Fla., where the Levitts own homes.

A spokesman for the Maryland comptroller's office said the state also has placed a tax lien against the Levitts. Marvin Bond said Jeffrey and Karol Levitt allegedly owe $226,351 in taxes, interest and penalties for 1984.

Levitt has been charged with the theft of $14.6 million in funds belonging to Old Court and another thrift. Two weeks ago, he posted $2 million bail in that case, using his Lutherville home and his Ocean City condominium as collateral, along with stocks and bonds.

The Levitts also are defendants in a $200 million civil suit filed by the state. They have been sentenced to jail for violating a court-imposed spending limit issued in connection with that suit, but remain free pending appeal.