There is an interesting car (pictured above) parked on Capitol Hill, in front of 327 Sixth St. SE in the block just south of Pennsylvania Avenue. It has an expired North Carolina registration and, by one local resident's account, has been parked in a two-hour zone since "either late October or early November" without ever getting even an overtime parking ticket.

Some annoyed local residents have plastered the car with prominent, colorful posters: "Mr. Mayor, Tow This Car." "Corrupt Cops Are Protecting Abandoned Car." "Unfair! Unfair!" "Abandoned."

Yesterday morning, there was a booted D.C.-licensed car directly across the street -- suggesting some degree of neighborhood law enforcement surveillance -- but the white Ford Torino with North Carolina tags HZR 898 has sat, its tires flat, without being removed.

"One month ago, I reported the car as abandoned to the abandoned vehicle division of the D.C. Public Works Department," Nancy E. Vogt, a neighborhood resident, wrote Metro Scene. She said she was told the car would be gone in 15 days, which it wasn't. A subsequent call to the nearby 1st District police substation brought, Vogt recounted, the rejoinder that "D.C. is a big area, lady, and we don't have enough cranes."

Vogt said she had seen police officers stop and look at the North Carolina car "for several minutes and then drive off." A neighbor's complaint to one of those officers brought the reported retort that he had no right to complain because the car wasn't parked directly in front of his house.

Yesterday we asked Capt. Rosiland Y. Parker, in charge of the police substation, about the matter. Were the police protecting the North Carolina car? "Of course not," she replied. "I don't have any knowledge of this complaint. But I certainly will look into it."