Anice Chance Wilson will retire tomorrow from her position as executive director of Alexandria's Hopkins House, a social service agency which offers services ranging from leisure time activities and early childhood education to help for aging and homebound people and individuals and families under stress. Wilson has directed the United Way affiliate for the past 13 years. She plans to remain active in community affairs. Lawyer Named to Bar Panel

Patricia A. Barton, an Alexandria attorney, has been appointed to the Virginia State Bar's Continuing Legal Education Board by Chief Justice Harry L. Carrico. Virginia attorneys are required to attend at least eight hours of approved continuing legal education courses each year, and the Board oversees the program. Barton's goals for her three-year term are to make the program flexible enough to meet the needs of the profession and to make it a process through which attorneys can renew and enrich their skills. Medical Society Officers

The Alexandria Medical Society Inc. recently elected the following physicians as officers for 1986: John W. Klousia, president; J. Pat Tokarz, president elect; William V. Hindle, vice president; Thomas W. Ericksen, secretary and William M. Stone, treasurer. The society represents the Alexandria medical profession in its dealings with the public. 2nd Look at Halley's Comet

Donald McClench, who recently completed a short course on Halley's Comet at Northern Virginia Community College's Alexandria Campus, was the only student in the class who had observed the comet's visit in 1910. McClench, 90, a resident of the Hermitage in Alexandria, registered for the course because he wanted to keep abreast of the latest information on the comet, which he has been observing through a telescope on the roof of his retirement home. Before his retirement, McClench taught navigation at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis.