The Maryland Department of Fiscal Services released figures yesterday showing that jurisdictions such as Prince George's and Montgomery counties will lose millions of dollars more from federal budget reductions than they are slated to gain from the governor's proposed budget for the next fiscal year.

Statewide, Maryland jurisdictions are expected to lose $111 million from federal budget reductions while gaining only $73 million from increased state aid.

According to documents presented to a legislative committee, Prince George's County will gain $12.6 million in state aid in the budget for the fiscal year that ends in June 1987. But the county will lose more than $15 million in federal money.

Montgomery County will get $4.3 million in state aid, but lose $9.8 million in federal aid.

The City of Baltimore stands to lose the most from federal reductions that are a combination of restrictions imposed by the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings deficit reduction measure and the elimination of revenue-sharing money from the federal budget that is to be released today.

According to fiscal services estimates, Baltimore stands to gain $16.5 million in increased state aid next year, an amount that will be more than offset by a corresponding loss of nearly $37 million in federal money.