Flood Control Grants

Prince George's County recently received two grants from the Maryland Water Resources Administration for two flood management projects.

The first grant of $141,000 is for acquisition, demolition and site restoration of four houses in the Oxon Hill area that are in the flood plain of Tinker's Creek.

Flooding of homes, businesses and roadways has been a problem for years in that drainage area, county officials said.

County Executive Parris Glendening said that the flood management plan will eliminate the flooding problem there as well as create more open space and wildlife areas.

The second grant for $299,000 is for the acquisition, demolition and site restoration of nine homes in Hyattsville that are subject to frequent flooding from the Northwest Branch of the Anacostia River.

The space created by the removal of the homes may be used for additional recreational facilities, Glendening said. Six Named to Board

County Executive Paris Glendening has nominated Joy Truby, Beatrice Rodgers, Harriet Suskin, William Martin, Dr. Geetha Jayaram and Patricia Lusk to the county's Disabled Person's Review Board.

Truby, Rodgers, Suskin and Martin are being nominated as citizen members.

Suskin and Rodgers are newcomers to the board; Truby and Martin are being reappointed.

Jayaram, a first-time appointee to the board, will represent the psychiatric profession.

Lusk, who is being reappointed to the board, will represent the nursing profession.