Mark Plotkin, a candidate for the Ward 3 seat on the D.C. City Council, has filed a report showing that he received $8,213.51 in campaign contributions through Jan. 31. A story in yesterday's Metro section incorrectly reported that Plotkin had received no contributions. CAPTION: Picture 1, NADINE WINTER . . . "All my friends are lawyers"; Picture 2, BETTY ANN KANE . . . reported $26,565 in contributions

D.C. City Council member Nadine P. Winter (D-Ward 6), whose vote was crucial last year in passing legislation to make mandatory no-fault automobile insurance optional and to exempt certain properties from rent control, has received nearly half of a total of $39,829 in contributions to her 1986 reelection campaign from lawyers and developers.

According to a finance report recently filed with the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance, of Winter's 175 contributors, 55 were lawyers who gave a total of $13,870 and 12 were developers who contributed a total of $3,225.

Winter, who is expected to seek reelection but has not announced her candidacy, was among seven candidates and prospective candidates for City Council and mayor to file campaign finance statements with the city.

Others who filed include City Council member Betty Ann Kane (D-At Large), who reported $26,565 in contributions, and City Council Chairman David A. Clarke, who had $14,859 in contributions to a group called the Dave Clarke Committee. Clarke has not announced whether he will seek reelection or run for some other office.

Mayoral candidate Mattie Taylor reported receiving $3,126 in countributions.

Winter's contributions represented the largest amount for a single candidate. Some political observers had predicted that her ability to raise reelection money might be tied to her votes on rent control and no-fault.

Winter's vote had been crucial in the adoption of rent control provisions exempting a greater number of properties from controls. Some of those provisions were later repealed when voters passed a rent control referendum.

On the no-fault issue, Winter, a one-time no-fault supporter, unexpectedly changed her vote to support optional no-fault coverage.

Insurance industry representatives, who had supported mandatory no-fault, said Winter had been lobbied heavily by trial lawyers who represent accident victims in lawsuits and favored changing the no-fault law.

Yesterday, Winter said there was no connection between her campaign contributions and her votes on rent control or no-fault insurance.

"All my friends are lawyers," said Winter, who said the majority of lawyers who contributed are not trial lawyers. "In this town, nearly everybody on a street corner is a lawyer. Nobody buys me. The insurance company is where the money is and if I wanted to be bought, I could be rolling in dough from the insurance companies."

Kane's $26,565 in contributions was the second highest amount reported. She received a total of eight $1,000 contributions.

Two of the four candidates seeking to replace retiring City Council member Polly Shackleton (D-Ward 3) filed reports showing a combined total of $26,627.75 in contributions. Jim Nathanson, a teacher, received $18,277 and Mary Janney, a civic activist, received $8,350. A third candidate, Mark Plotkin, a member of the D.C. Democratic State Committee, filed a report indicating no contributions, and a fourth, Ruth Dixon, a political scientist, said she has mailed her financial statement, showing $13,764 in contributions.