A Maryland couple whose teen-age foster child killed their 15-year-old son has sued state and Baltimore County officials for allegedly not warning them of the youth's history of violence and drug abuse.

James and Marjorie Foor, of Essex, are seeking $5 million each from the state Juvenile Services Administration, the Baltimore County school department and Baltimore County police for damages from their son's murder.

The couple said they offered to take part in Maryland's foster care program only if they received children without drug problems. They said they had no experience with drug users, did not know how to handle such youths and did not want their own four children exposed to illegal drugs.

The 16-year-old boy assigned to the Foors, Gregory Reiter, had used drugs and been violent in the past, and that "vital" information was not given to the Foors, the suit contends. It says a juvenile services psychologist told them only that Reiter did not get along with his father. State and county officials declined to comment on the allegations.

The Foors' son, Anthony, 15, died in February 1983 when his throat was slit in his bedroom. Reiter pleaded guilty to murder in August 1983 and was sentenced to 25 years at the Patuxent Institution.