Mayor Marion Barry's reelection committee registered with the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance yesterday, and his finance chairman predicted that funds raised for the mayor will exceed the record $1.3 million that Barry received in 1982.

Barry has not formally announced his candidacy for a third term, but Ann R. Kinney, finance chairman for Citizens to Reelect Mayor Barry, said the mayor is expected to announce in late April or early May. His campaign manager will be Anita Bonds, who served as Barry's deputy campaign director four years ago, Kinney said.

The political committee papers, which must be filed before contributions can be accepted, include a list of nearly 200 persons who are vice chairmen and members of the campaign finance committee. A wide assortment of professional, business and civic groups is represented, as are some former opponents of the 49-year-old mayor.

In a statement submitted with the campaign papers, Campaign Chairman Max N. Berry, a lawyer who served as treasurer in Barry's first mayoral campaign in 1978, said, "Mayor Barry will announce his candidacy in late spring, and until that time the mayor will devote his full energies to managing the city and providing D.C. residents with the services they need."

Kinney said in an interview that Barry has delayed his formal announcement because "he really doesn't want to have to make the commitment to go to all those campaign events." She said Barry prefers to begin fund raising now and leave the daily demands of a political campaign until later.

Two other candidates have filed regarding political committees: Mattie Taylor, a former D.C. school board member and Department of Employment Services official, and Dennis Sobin, publisher of sexually oriented materials.

D.C. City Council Chairman David A. Clarke and council members John A. Wilson (D-Ward 2) and Charlene Drew Jarvis (D-Ward 4) have been mentioned as possible challengers.

Barry's kickoff fund-raising event will be a $1,000-a-plate breakfast for 100 on March 6 at the Washington Hilton. "It's going to be a nice birthday present for the mayor," said Kinney.

Although the campaign committee has not set a specific budget yet, "We will certainly raise as much as we need," she said.

Barry will be host of a separate, nonpartisan gala at the Washington Convention Center on March 8 on his 50th birthday.

Barry's finance committee of nearly 200, larger than his finance committee four years ago, includes several persons who were associated with the mayor's rivals in previous campaigns.

Ron Richardson, president of the Hotel & Restaurant Employees Union Local 25, who supported mayoral challenger Patricia Roberts Harris in 1982, is on the list, as is Nancy McElroy (Bitsy) Folger, who supported Barry in the 1978 mayoral contest but switched in 1982 to support the mayoral bid of council member John Ray (D-At Large).

The treasurer of the campaign is Charlotte G. Chapman, a Ward 4 supporter of the mayor in 1982 who was treasurer of Mayor Walter Washington's unsuccessful campaign in 1978.

A list of 35 vice chairmen of the committee includes public housing tenant leader Kimi Gray and Luther H. Hodges Jr., president of the National Bank of Washington, where the reelection committee has opened an account.

Also serving on the finance committee is Pamela Harriman, a prominent national Democratic fund-raiser and wife of retired diplomat W. Averell Harriman.