A District man was convicted yesterday in D.C. Superior Court of raping two women at knife-point last year in their Cleveland Park homes. One of the victims testified that she was assaulted in an upstairs room while her children screamed in a room downstairs.

Michael Anthony Jones, 23, was found guilty by a jury that heard nearly a week of dramatic testimony in which the two women described being held at knife-point, beaten and blindfolded.

"I will never forget that man's face," the victim whose children were home at the time said as she pointed to Jones.

She testified that she was making her bed with her three children on April 22 when a shriek from her youngest child alerted her to a man standing at the door with a knife and pipe. "I'm going to kill you," she quoted him as saying before he forced the children downstairs and returned to her upstairs.

Jones was acquitted of charges of raping a third woman who testified that Jones had followed her into an elevator in a Mount Pleasant apartment building and drew a knife.

Jones faces a maximum prison sentence of more than 150 years. Judge Robert Scott presided at the trial.

In addition to the rapes, Jones was convicted of first-degree burglary and armed robbery. He was convicted of assault with intent to kill in connection with his attack on the second woman, whose husband was out of town at the time.

That woman testified that she was alone in the house on March 14 when she heard a large thump and then a shattering of a double-glass door.

She testified that she felt an intense pressure on the back of her neck and passed out after having been raped. Prosecutor William Martin told the jury the pressure was caused by Jones choking the woman with a cord.

All three women identified Jones as their assailant.