Robert Hogue of Arlington had planned to be married in June. Now, he says, he's just trying to figure out what to do tomorrow -- alone.

Last week, Hogue's ex-girlfriend, Mary F. Prevost, was charged with attempted murder in an alleged knife attack on Hogue's fiance, Cheryle Lee Wallis.

This week, Prevost was charged with arson in connection with a fire last December at Hogue's house.

Wallis told police she opened the door Feb. 26 to someone dressed as a messenger, who proffered a bouquet of roses, then slashed at her with a seven-inch kitchen knife. Wallis suffered superficial wounds on the hands, but Hogue said the fear and trauma of the incident cut much deeper.

She has moved out of the South Arlington house they shared, he said, and the wedding is off.

"She left me last Friday," Hogue said yesterday. He said that Wallis "said she just didn't want to be looking over her shoulder all her life. The wedding plans were canceled within 48 hours . . . . We would have been married in June. Now, instead of a honeymoon, we'll be having a trial."

No date has been set for a preliminary hearing for Prevost, who is being held without bond in Arlington Jail pending a psychiatric examination.

Wallis could not be reached for comment yesterday. Hogue said he is still stunned, distraught and a little incredulous about what happened.