Some people just can't take a joke.

Howard County police are tracking down a person they say posted a cartoon on a bulletin board last week poking fun at two supervisors.

"It's the kind of conduct you just can't tolerate," said county Police Chief Paul Rappaport, who ordered an investigation into the cartoon caper. Robert Bartley, a former FBI agent who now is the county's fingerprint expert, is "examining the document," an official said.

The drawing, torn from a publication and posted last Friday, depicted two officers asleep at a briefing, which could cost an officer his job. "It essentially poked fun in a derogatory way at two supervisors and accused them of sleeping on duty," said police spokesman Angus Park.

Investigators suspect the culprit is a police officer. "The area where the cartoon was found, the patrol debriefing room, is an area that is normally only [used] by cops," said Park.

The person, if identified, could be suspended from the 211-member force, officials said. "We don't want any cartoon posted that belittles anyone," said Park, who said it was clear which officers it was aimed at. He would not identify them.

The drawing is the latest in a series posted in the past two years. Officials have been unable to trace the cartoons, which have made fun of different officers. "Some are humorous, and some are not so humorous, all depending on your vantage point," said Park. "This one was not considered to be humorous."