Did you perchance leave $2,250 inside a rental car in Washington and not go back to retrieve it?

Or did you somehow mislay a 3 1/2-horsepower lawn mower at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Geranium Street NW, or perhaps -- rather incredibly -- a samurai sword at Kingman Place and P Street NW?

Once again, the D.C. police department has come out with its periodic listing of "property . . . found and turned in . . . for return to the rightful owner." If the losers aren't found, the finders will get the goods -- including the cash -- minus proportionate shares of the cost of advertising.

Judging from yesterday's ad, what people most seem to lose is (1) cameras and (2) cash.

No fewer than 19 cameras were listed as found in the Capitol alone. Many, we're told, belong to people who checked them as they entered the legislative chambers and failed to redeem them upon leaving.

As for the cash: When its loser is unidentifiable, it takes a clone of Diogones' honest man to turn it in. Examples of findings, beyond the $2,250 found in a rental car:

One hundred ninety-five dollars, in the 1600 block of Montana Avenue NE; $25, in the 300 block of Indiana Avenue NW; $58, in the 1100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue NW; $78.17, in the 1800 block of Columbia Road NW; $27.59, in the 1800 block of Summit Place NW; $59, in RFK Stadium; $300, in the 2500 block of Naylor Road SE; $103, in the 2500 block of 17th Street NE; $287.25, in the 1200 block of Potomac Street NW in Georgetown; $229, in the 1100 block of North Capitol Street; $40, in the 700 block of Constitution Avenue NE; $95.02, in the 5600 block of Connecticut Avenue NW, and $40.01, inside a taxicab. There were others.

Some of the money, the police say, was discarded by drug or crime suspects as they fled police.

Other found items are puzzlers: a medical bag with medical instruments in the 1700 block of Connecticut Avenue NW, two watercolor paintings left in a taxicab, and a British passport found in one of Washington's most fashionable neighborhoods, the 3100 block of Normanstone Drive NW. And one is especially intriguing: "Bank card, SS Social Security card, photos. Found in rear of Sct. police scout car." The police may have had the loser in custody, but then, on the other hand, they may have had the person who stole the items from the loser and discarded them.

A few more items. Among things found were class rings from Crossland High School, found in the 1600 block of Irving Street NW; from Lake Braddock High School, found in the 300 block of Constitution Avenue NW, and from Augusta Tech, found in the 3000 block of Southern Avenue SE.

Sound like yours? Claims must be made, the police say, at the department's property office, 2235 Shannon Plaza SE in Anacostia, supported by "valid proof of ownership" and a control number listed in an advertisement that was published yesterday on page C12 of this newspaper.