A kindergarten pupil at Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School has been hospitalized with bacterial meningitis, the second case in a week involving a Fairfax County pupil, and officials said yesterday they believe the two cases are connected.

The pupil, a girl, is "doing okay" at Georgetown Hospital, where she was admitted Wednesday, Assistant School Superintendent Beatrice Cameron said.

Parents of the 400 pupils at the school and those at the day care center the girl attends were notified yesterday. Parents whose children were in class with her were asked to contact their physicians for possible preventive antibiotic treatments.

A 10th grade student at nearby Mount Vernon High School in the county's Alexandria section near Rte. 1 was hospitalized with a similar form of meningitis Saturday. Cameron said the 10th grade student and the kindergarten girl have brothers who are classmates.

Dr. Fred J. Payne, assistant county health director, said in a statement that county health officials plan to "monitor the situation in this area of the county closely during the next few weeks."

Payne will speak about meningitis at 7:30 tonight at a community meeting at the Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School cafeteria.

Meningitis is an inflammation of the lining of the brain that is transmitted by bacteria or a virus. Symptoms resemble those of the flu. If treated promptly it is rarely fatal.

Three Montgomery County students have been hospitalized with the disease this month, two with the bacterial form and one with viral meningitis.