A Reston woman who won a $75,000 malpractice award last summer from abortion-clinic owner Dr. Chris Simopoulos has returned to Fairfax County Circuit Court in an effort to collect the money from the fugitive doctor.

Kathleen H. Powers, who contended that she was left sterile after a routine operation performed by Simopoulos, asked to have the doctors' property in the county seized and sold at public auction to pay for her judgment.

Simopolous, 48, now said by federal authorities to have fled to Greece to escape felony charges in Virgina, was not present at the three-day malpractice trial in Fairfax. Gary Godard, his attorney, said yesterday that the doctor's insurance company had denied coverage after the trial.

Last month, the doctor was located by U.S. authorities in Greece, where he is safe from extradition to the U.S.

Simopoulos failed to appear for trial in Norfolk two years ago on state charges of doing abortion procedures on women who were not pregnant.

He disappeared and was declared a fugitive.

Simopoulos, who once lived in Fairfax Station and owned abortion clinics in Falls Church and Norfolk, was convicted in Fairfax in 1980 of performing an illegal abortion outside a hospital and temporarily stripped of his Virginia medical license. He was sentenced to two years in prison, with all but a few weeks suspended.

In her suit, Powers asserts that two of the three deeds of trust on the doctor's property in the county are fraudulent and is seeking to have them set aside.

The suit claims that Simopoulos, in anticipation that this and other judgments would be recovered, "encumbered" the property with the two deeds to "hinder, delay and defraud" Powers.

Powers, who was 34 at the time of the trial, first went to Simopoulos in December 1982.

She claimed at the trial that the doctor punctured her uterus during a routine procedure.

Her uterus later had to be removed because of the injuries.