* Federally funded job retraining programs in Maryland will be slashed 60 percent on July 1, and the state will not be picking up the slack, officials said yesterday.

Across the nation, the federal government is cutting by 55 percent job training funds dedicated to aiding workers who lost jobs in the industrial sector.

In Maryland, federal money will fall from $1.8 million to $715,000 for the program formally known as Title 3 of the Job Training Partnership Act of 1983.

During the fiscal year ending last June, 2,620 Maryland residents were participating in the program. According to state records, about two-thirds found employment.

"What it means is last year we served approximately 2,600 dislocated workers. With a 60 percent cut, we'll be able to serve that many fewer people," said Keith Massey, a representative from the Maryland Department of Employment and Training.

In the past, the state distributed three-quarters of the federal grant to local divisions, which disbursed the money for various programs.

State officials also used some of the federal money to train and relocate workers adversely affected in major layoffs at such places as Bethlehem Steel, General Electric and Western Electric.