With interest, it is noted that the Bankers Trust Co., a big New York bank, is among those that have applied for a charter for a District of Columbia bank.

With even greater interest, it is noted that the firm proposes, in the advertisement of its plans, to open its office "in the vicinity of 16th Street and H Street NW."

Sixteenth and H? Let's see, now -- on 16th Street, on the northern corners of the intersection with H, there are two buildings: the Hay-Adams Hotel and St. John's Episcopal Church, with the AFL-CIO headquarters next door to the latter. On H Street, the neighbors are the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the St. John's parish house and the Veterans Administration.

Aha! Here's the obvious answer: Bankers Trust must plan to privatize the old, currently unused National Park Service comfort station on the south side of H Street in Lafayette Park and turn it into a banking office. Perhaps a nonbank bank.

Neither Bankers Trust nor the Park Service's National Capital Region was available yesterday to answer questions. Fortunately. A Remembrance of McAuliffe

Five days before the disastrous Jan. 28 Challenger launch that took Christa McAuliffe's life along with six others, New Hampshire and former Prince George's County teacher McAuliffe took a moment to write to retired Army Col. Beverly M. Read, who edits alumni publications for the Virginia Military Institute at Lexington.

" . . . I'm on my way to the Cape for the launch," she wrote. "Steve her husband, VMI '70 is already there -- very excited but still missing his VMI ring that is already packed on board to be the first VMI ring to go into space .

"I'm flying a VMI sticker to put on my locker. It's time for the Institute to be heard from space."

We all know what happened.

If he hasn't already, Steven J. McAuliffe will soon receive a special-order class ring specially produced by Art Carved Class Rings of New York, inscribed: "To Steve, in memory of Christa, from your Brother Rats," as VMI cadets affectionately call each other. After graduation and law school at Georgetown, McAuliffe served in the Army Judge Advocate Corps.

L. Neil Steverson and class agent Dr. Thomas S. Cooke of VMI '70 coordinated the effort. The Metro Mob

Oh, oh! With the spring blossoms come tourists, and with tourists come tour groups of 30 or 40 people who enter Metro subway stations and try all at once to learn the mysteries of the Farecard machines and the Farecard gates.

One doesn't know the meaning of frustration, says someone who commutes from the Capitol South subway station, until you're 15th in a card-buying line behind kids from, say, Michigan who may not even know how to put a token in a city bus farebox, let alone deal with Farecards.

My own tip to the wise this season: To guard against using up your own Farecard, buy an extra Farecard with at least the 80-cent minimum value that will let you enter the system, and tuck it into the back of your wallet. It'll let you bypass the line, and you can settle any shortfall at the Addfare machine in your exit station.