Bowie Mayor Richard Logue was reelected without opposition yesterday in elections marked by light voter turnout and overwhelming victories for two incumbent candidates running in contested races for City Council seats.

The only new member elected to the six-member council was George Robinson, who got 1,164 votes in the race for the 5th District council seat. His opponent, Marie Warner, received 672 votes. Robinson, a commander of personnel services for the Prince George's County Police Department, will fill the seat now held by Councilman Brian Clarke.

In the 2nd District race, incumbent Eugene Kiley got 1,371 votes to Janine Zanecki's 620. Incumbent 4th District council member Michael F. DeMario got 1,505 votes, beating James Wooten, who recieved 460.

Incumbents reelected without opposition are Mayor Pro Tem Walter Planet of the 1st District, Richard Padgett of the 3rd District and at-large member Jack D. Jenkins.

City Manager Charles Moore said 2,163 of the city's 8,640 registered voters turned out for the election.

Logue has been mayor since 1982 and has served on the council since 1973. He and the council candidates who won ran on platforms calling for controlled large-scale development coordinated with accelerated expansion and improvement of city roadways and public transportation.

The mayor and councilmembers are elected to serve two-year terms.