Dear Reuben: You are a polite, 25-ish fellow who drives a white pickup truck. You are also literally a lifesaver -- and the owner of the life you saved would like to find you so she can give you a well-deserved reward.

She works in an office building near the Arlington County courthouse. She's also a diabetic. On March 17, those two factors conspired to cause a frightening mess.

The woman's company had just rented new quarters in the courthouse-area office building. The woman was walking around the new fifth-floor suite, getting used to it. She walked into one office and closed the door. Then she tried to get out. But the door handle was not hooked up. It spun around and around, but wouldn't engage the threads. The woman was locked in.

No one else was there at the time. No officemates were expected for days. There were no functioning phones. And getting out promptly was essential, because the woman's glucose tablets were in her purse, which was in an outer room. Within an hour, she would begin drifting into insulin shock.

The woman threw open the window and started shouting for help to some construction workers who were on a job site across the street.

They thought she was joking.

She shouted louder.

They thought she was trying to pick them up.

She tried again.

They ignored her.

Her energy starting to flag, the woman finally noticed Reuben. He heeded her shouts, came upstairs and freed her. "In several more minutes, I probably would have passed out," the woman says.

The first thing the woman did was to take a glucose tablet. The second thing she did was to go buy 10 packages of them, and to place one package in each room of the new office. The third thing she did was to realize she hadn't gotten Reuben's full name or phone number. The fourth thing she did was to call the Levey Missing Persons Bureau.

The woman would like to buy you a nice lunch in honor of your nice work, Reuben. If you happen to see this, please drop by the office where you were on March 17. The woman is expecting you -- gratefully.

Reunion season is in full swing. Here are the latest festivities planned by local high school grads:

Hayfield '76: Organizing. Call 998-8611.

Washington-Lee '36: May 17. Call 768-7132.

Springbrook '76: Call Bonnie Young, 770-5725.

Madison '66: Same Bonnie Young, 770-5725.

Anacostia '56: May 24, Ramada Inn, Alexandria. Call Sandra Clark Sullivan, 530-1039 or 423-3200.

Wakefield '66: July 12 and 13. Call 460-6862.

O'Connell '66: Aiming for July. Call Elizabeth Boovey, 370-6839.

Wheaton '80: June 7. Call Christine Walker at 890-8577 or Cindi at 949-4822.

Robert E. Lee '76: June 6-8. Call David Crosby,548-7076, or Robin Staklo, 455-3667.

Parkdale '76: May 17 and 18. Call Jay McCarl at 474-4144.

Academy of the Holy Names 50th Anniversary: April 25-27. All alumnae and families welcome. Call 589-5174. Class of 1946 is looking for Blanca Cueva, Geraldine Chapman, Margie Ford and/or JoAnne Jones.

Frederick Douglass '76: June 28 and 29. Call 249-1298.

Stonewall Jackson '76: Organizing. Call Debbie at 369-3253.

Dunbar '51: Set for July, including a Caribbean cruise. Call 547-1541.

Largo '76: Sept. 6, Martin's Crosswinds, Greenbelt. Call 249-3352.

M.M. Washington Vocational '66: Aiming for June. Call Mary Hampton Proctor, 399-5412.

James Madison '76: Aug. 2-3. Call Patty Burke, 938-8369 after 6 p.m.

Friendly '76: July 20, Ramada Inn, Oxon Hill. Call Jim Caldwell, 378-6189.

Coolidge '56: Organizing. Call Marlene Berman, 649-1496, or Ellen Foer, 565-2742.

Peary '76: June 14, Indian Spring Country Club. Call Linda Needham, 255-3574.

Holy Cross Academy '66: June 21. Call Doris Walter, 938-3947, or Maureen Gawler, 251-1546.

Marshall '66: Hunting for "lost" classmates. Call Diane Johnson, 790-0368.

Washington-Lee '61: Oct. 10-12. Call Jody Gavin, 241-2023.

Washington-Lee '46: Organizing. Call Dick Hanley, 534-6935, or Dorothy Budge Callahan, 356-6231.

Northwood '66: June 21, Holiday Inn, Gaithersburg. Call Claudia Tyrrell, 926-3338.

Eastern '66: May 23-25, and a Mexican cruise July 13-18. Call Phyllis E. Anderson at 546-9184 evenings, 673-7700 days.

Central, all classes: Annual tea and reunion May 25. Call Eva Laskin Binstock at 279-7787 or 726-8305.