Six burglars smashed their way into a Bethesda sports clothing store early yesterday, managed to take only one $309 woman's jogging suit, and ran right into the arms of 20 Montgomery County police officers, police said.

"They jumped into two cars . . . but we surrounded their vehicles and made the arrests without incident," said Sgt. Frank Young.

Six Washington men, two of them juveniles, were charged with burglary and destruction of property in connection with the break-in at the Racquet & Jog at 4959 Elm St. The adults were identified as Charles Douglas, 23, of 815 Longfellow St. NW, who listed his occupation as truck driver; Daryl General, 23, of 4810 Sargent Rd. NE, unemployed; Mark Middleton, 18, of 1241 Delafield Place NE, a high school student, and Juan Morgan, 19, of 5045 11th St. NE, a sales clerk.

All four were being held in the Montgomery County Detention Center. Bond was set at $5,000 for each.

The two juveniles, 16 and 17, were in the Alfred D. Noyes Children's Center in Rockville.

Police said the arrests were the latest to result from surveillance by the Special Assignment Team, which consists of officers who typically wear plain clothes and drive old cars around commercial and residential areas where there have been burglaries and robberies.

Police said SAT surveillance is one effort to deal with the problem of quick-moving criminals who trigger alarms during burglaries but escape before police can arrive.

SAT Officer Ron Hardy was cruising through Bethesda's commercial section on Arlington Road at 3 a.m. yesterday when he noticed two men loitering near the Racquet & Jog. Hardy parked his unmarked car two blocks away and walked back to monitor their activities. As Hardy watched, more men arrived to join the first two. Hardy then called for help from other officers, who slipped quietly into the area.