A man arrested Monday and charged in the holdup of a dry cleaning shop in Silver Spring is wanted on an attempted murder charge in Miami and a parole violation charge in Las Vegas, law enforcement officials said yesterday.

Archie James Mitchell, 26, who is being held in the Montgomery County Detention Center in lieu of $50,000 bond, was arrested in Greenbelt and charged with the $600 robbery of Universal Plaza Cleaners, 8767 Georgia Ave., police said. A second suspect is being sought.

Mitchell escaped Feb. 22 from the Dade County jail in Florida, where he was awaiting trial on an attempted murder charge, officials said.

Police said witnesses noted the license number of the automobile that two men used to escape from the Monday robbery and it was traced to a stolen Cadillac. Minutes later, Prince George's County police spotted the vehicle parked near the Greenbelt car dealership from which the car had been stolen on April 4.

Employes of the dealership had seen a man park the car, then approach a maintenance employe servicing another Cadillac and attempt to get that car by claiming that it was his and he was ready to pick it up, according to Montgomery police Detective Don Freitag.

When the employe refused to turn the automobile over to him, the man walked to a nearby restaurant, Freitag said. Mitchell was arrested there and charged later in Montgomery County.