Political extremist Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. yesterday attacked U.S. District Judge James C. Cacheris, who presided over his libel trial against NBC in Alexandria, as "a crook" and "a liar."

LaRouche also criticized the judge's brother, Washington lawyer Plato Cacheris, during an interview on the "CBS Morning News" television program.

Interviewer Forrest Sawyer noted that LaRouche lost his suit against NBC and that Cacheris, who awarded the network $202,000 in damages from him, had commented that LaRouche was lacking in credibility and lived "like a millionaire."

"After all, the judge in that case is Plato Cacheris' brother. And if you know what that means you can figure it out from there," LaRouche said. "Plato Cacheris is associated with certain casino owners , that's Resorts International."

When Sawyer noted that LaRouche was making the kind of questionable statements that his critics allege, LaRouche said, his voice rising: "It's a fact. No, it's a fact. Look it up. No, this judge is a crook. The judge did not base that opinion, that statement on any fact. He made a statement in absolute defiance on every fact in the case. The judge was a liar."

Judge Cacheris said he had no comment on LaRouche's remarks.

"I am not associated in any manner, shape or form with Resorts International and his comments just demonstrate that what my brother said . . . is true," Plato Cacheris said.

Cacheris said his law partner, William Hundley, represents Resorts International, which owns casinos, "in a limited fashion" but "I have absolutely nothing to do with them."