The following Prince William and Fairfax students were named as winners at the National History Day Competition April 12 at George Mason University. First- and second-place winners in each category progress to the state competition May 21 and 22 at Lynchburg College.

Competitions were by written, oral and media presentation on the historical theme "Conflict and/or Compromise." HISTORICAL PAPERS


1.Benjamin H. McCaw (Longfellow Intermediate).

2. Constance V. Elliott (Longfellow Intermediate).

3. Michael Broome (H.B. Wood), Patrick R. Fry (Thomas Jefferson Junior High) and Elizabeth C. Hollis (Stonewall Middle).


1. Keith D. Kessler (James Madison High).

2. Paul M. Baker (Falls Church High).

3. Steven J. Dorner (Annandale High).

Honorable Mention: Feda Hamden (Falls Church High) and Teresa K. Baker (James Madison High). INDIVIDUAL PROJECT JUNIOR DIVISION

1. Audra A. Stidham (Stonewall Middle).

2. Timothy R. Anderson (Longfellow Intermediate).

3. Sharon L. Gentges (Haycock Elementary).

Honorable Mention: Kursten A. Miller (Stonewall Middle) and Sue M. Stuckwisch (Longfellow Intermediate).


1. Mathew Noriega (McLean High).

2. Jonathan M. Sawyers (Falls Church High).

3. Liz A. Shuram (James Madison High).

Honorable Mention: Deanna Pesenka (Gar-Field High). GROUP PROJECT


1. Caroline S. Chang and Brian Schiappa (Longfellow Intermediate).

2. Anne Newstead, Cheryl O'Looney, Jeff Scott and Kiri Uno (Longfellow Intermediate).

3. Kate E. Destler, Jane Leu and Priscilla Yap (Haycock Elementary).

Honorable Mention: John S. Partin and Jeff D. Champagne (Stonewall Middle).


1. Ronesa M. Daniels and Shilpa S. Shah (James Madison High).

2. Erik Hunter and Jeff V. Reynolds (Falls Church High).

3. Michael Hadley, Bill Keravuori, Kelly Jones and Mark Ismail (Robinson Secondary).

Honorable Mention: Kelly Richmond and Jeannie Underhill (Falls Church High). INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE


1. Allan S. Piper (Haycock Elementary)


1. Ramin S. Ackert (Falls Church High).

2. Renee M. Menefee (Falls Church High).

3. Thomas A. Volz (James Madison High). GROUP PERFORMANCE


1. Patrick Conroy and John Glesser (Stonewall Middle).

2. Anton Levy and Jimmy M. O'Looney (Haycock Elementary).

3. Erike Melos, Heather Maples and Katherine E. McDonald (Stonewall Middle).

Honorable Mention: Carla Honour and Emily Livingston (Longfellow Intermediate).


1. Maggie Feeney, Laura Pyle, Juliet A. Riley, Lisa Sackett and Anne Turner (West Springfield High).

2. Marisela Aragon and Ingrid Oliphant (Falls Church High)

3. Mike Long, Ali Mehrabian, Mike Shuman, Tony Wells and David Yoder (McLean High.). MEDIA PRESENTATION

Junior Division

1. Ashley Cordell (Longfellow Intermediate).

2. David Rapp (Haycock Elementary).

3. Brian Longairn, George Anglin and Henry Anglin (Parkside Middle).

Honorable Mention: Richard Boone, Monica Eckfield and Alyssa A. Wittenborn (Longfellow Intermediate).


1. Heather L. Cain, Cheryl Crawford, Melissa Morreale and Sarah Monroe (Falls Church High).

2. Scott Halstead and Scott Lawrence (Robinson Secondary).

3. Gretchen Reimer and Tina Laws (Robinson Secondary).

Honorable Mention: Desree Duke, Chau Nguyenm, Anne Seinwill and Melissa Stevens (West Springfield High) and Mailen Fogal and Jenny Magness (James Madison High).