D.C. City Council member Charlene Drew Jarvis (D-Ward 4) and her 1984 reelection campaign committee were fined the maximum $500 yesterday for failing to file a Jan. 31 campaign committee report despite repeated warnings, according to Office of Campaign Finance Director Keith Vance.

Vance also ordered the report filed by May 5, and warned that a $50 fine would be imposed for every day that Jarvis' campaign committee fails to comply.

The committee is required by law to file reports with Vance's office every six months on contributions and expenditures until its debts and obligations are erased and the committee is dissolved.

Vance said that he has been trying for years to get Jarvis to comply with the city's campaign finance reporting requirements, but that her committees continually have been late in filing reports and the reports that they have filed contained "numerous discrepancies."

The campaign finance office is completing audits of three of Jarvis' committees -- for her 1984 council campaign, her 1982 mayoral campaign and a constituent service fund -- which have been late in filing their reports in the past, he added.

Jarvis filed reports for her three committees last year after Vance cited her for noncompliance with the law.

"I have made every effort to get the candidate to comply with this law," Vance said. "My mode is voluntary compliance, but I have used voluntary compliance for two to three years, and now we are going to strict enforcement and fines."

Jarvis could not be reached for comment. Dawn Alexander, the council member's spokeswoman, said: "The campaign committee is continually in contact with the Office of Campaign Finance to address its concerns."

Jarvis, her campaign committee and her 1984 campaign treasurer, Helena Henderson, all can be held "I have used voluntary compliance for two or three years, and now we are going to strict enforcement and fines." -- Finance Director Keith Vance liable for the $500 fine imposed yesterday, Vance said. The fine can be appealed within five days to the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics.

Henderson appeared at a campaign office hearing on Thursday unable to file the required Jan. 31 report, after several notifications of a violation, Vance said.

A report filed in October for Jarvis' 1982 mayoral race showed that she had raised $59,592 and spent $61,568, leaving a $1,976 debt. During her 1984 reelection campaign, Jarvis reported raising $175,619 and spending $174,544.

She reported receiving $42,732 for her constituent fund between June 1981 and July 1985 and spending all but $650 of it. Constituent service funds are used by council members to sponsor programs and activities for constituents.

In the summer of 1984, Vance notified Jarvis that she had failed to file seven overdue campaign contribution reports. At the time, Vance said, he did not expect the overdue reports to raise a serious problem. After Jarvis filed consolidated campaign reports last year, Vance announced that he would conduct an audit.