Two men charged with the murder of a Forestville High School student told a Prince George's Circuit Court jury yesterday that they tried -- but failed -- to prevent a third person charged in the case from shooting Dwayne Satterwhite.

Napoleon Jordan Jr., 19, testified that he and 17-year-old Joseph T. Banks saw Kevin Wilkerson pointing a gun at Satterwhite inside a hallway between two buildings on the school grounds and urged Wilkerson to put the gun down.

"I asked him what the hell he was doing," Jordan testified. " . . . But he didn't pay me no mind."

Jordan, of Palmer Park, and Banks, of Landover, are charged with first-degree murder and attempted robbery in the death last October of the 17-year-old Satterwhite, who collapsed at the front doors of the school after being shot in the chest. Wilkerson is being tried separately.

Assistant State's Attorney Bond Rhue said in his opening statement that Jordan and Wilkerson had talked the day before Satterwhite was shot about Wilkerson's interest in robbing someone.

But Jordan testified that he went to the school to talk to his former shop teacher about helping him to find a weekend job. Banks went with him, Jordan testified, because he needed a ride to work, and Wilkerson was along for the ride.

The three of them stayed around the school until lunch time, Jordan and Banks testified, and then Jordan and Banks left Wilkerson for awhile to talk to some girls. When they saw Wilkerson again, they testified, Wilkerson was fighting with Satterwhite.

"I kept telling Wilkerson to stop it," said Jordan, who testified for three hours. " 'Don't shoot that man. Don't shoot that man.' Mr. Banks attempted to step in the way. He just got pushed aside."

Satterwhite started to run, Jordan testified, and Wilkerson shot him. Then, Jordan testified, he, Wilkerson and Banks ran in the opposite direction toward his car. "I ran 'cause I was scared," Jordan said. "I didn't want to go to jail for something I didn't do. I didn't know that I was supposed to stand around the scene until I got to the police station."

Jordan and Banks turned themselves in to police the night of the shooting, after witnesses said they had seen Jordan at the school earlier in the day.