D.C. City Council member Charlene Drew Jarvis (D-Ward 4) has paid a $500 fine for failing to file a Jan. 31 campaign finance report on time, but she objected to the fine as unwarranted.

Jarvis sent a copy of a Jan. 31 report to the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance, which levied the fine, along with a letter indicating that she believed the report had been submitted earlier. She enclosed a $500 check written on an account of the Committee to Re-Elect Charlene D. Jarvis, which the campaign office received April 29.

Jarvis said in her letter to Keith Vance, director of the campaign finance office, that the woman he had called to testify about the campaign committee reports was no longer her campaign treasurer and has no access to the financial records of the committee. Jarvis said she had informed Vance's office of that in October.

Vance responded in a letter that his office had received no such notice about a change of treasurer. He added that Helena R. Henderson, treasurer of record, had been notified in February of a failure to file the Jan. 31 report and appeared at a hearing at his office on April 24 as treasurer.

The Jan. 31 filing shows Jarvis' committee, created for her 1984 reelection campaign, had somewhat more than $2,000 in cash at the end of the reporting period and $6,583 in debts. The committee received $16,310 in December from a breakfast fund-raiser, with contributions coming primarily from the local banking and financial services community, according to the Jan. 31 report.

In December and January, the committee spent more than $14,000 for a variety of services and loan payments, according to the report.

The largest expenditure was $5,000 paid on Jan. 6 to Urban Strategies Inc., a consulting firm headed by Woodrow Boggs Jr., Jarvis' campaign manager, who also signed the report for the committee. Boggs could not be reached to discuss the payment.

Jarvis could not be reached for comment about the continuing dispute with Vance's office. In an earlier interview she had expressed frustration over the demands made by the office, saying that her committee had "filed and answered, and filed and answered" Vance's requests.

Vance had said earlier that he had been trying for years to get Jarvis to comply with the city's campaign finance reporting requirements but that her committees continually have been late with their reports and the reports when filed contained numerous discrepancies.

Jarvis has committees from a mayoral bid in 1982, from her reelection campaign in 1984 and a constituent service fund. Vance is completing audits on all three committees.