Larry Jacobs, 12, of Southeast is the D.C. Poster Child for this year's Muscular Dystrophy Association fund-raising drive. Larry, a student at Sharpe Health School in Northwest, will appear on the Jerry Lewis telethon for the MDA, which will be broadcast by Channel 5 over the Labor Day weekend. Amtrak Award

Charles Johnson Sr. of Northwest has won the Amtrak President's Achievement Award.

Johnson, a 12-year veteran of the rail line, is a red cap foreman. According to manager/stations Martin Rush, Johnson was nominated by his fellow employes because of the "consistency in the way he does business. At any time, under any circumstances, he's willing to help.

"The station is under renovation, and it has made the work very difficult at times," Rush said. "But when he is on duty, things go smoothly."

Johnson was presented with a plaque and a pin by Amtrak President W. Graham Claytor Jr. Risk Management

Delmer Ison of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has been named to the Risk Management Honor Roll by Business Insurance magazine. Ison was voted the top government risk manager nationwide by a committee of insurance industry executives.

Since he took the job in 1983, Ison has restructured Metro's insurance programs and accident and injury claims.

"He's saving the region's taxpayers millions of dollars in claims and tax costs," said Metro spokeswoman Beverly Silverberg. Workers' compensation liabilities alone dropped from $31.3 million in 1982 to $20.3 million in 1985. All of the cost saving occurred while Metro's staff grew by 27 percent, Silverberg said.

In addition to reordering the handling of claims, Ison has taken practical approaches to risk management. He has established a back clinic because back pain can be a chronic problem for bus operators, Silverberg said. Physicians prescribe a regimen to speed rehabilitation and the eventual return to work.

"It's a win-win situation," Silverberg said, adding that the back clinic "is one example of the innovative programs" that Ison has implemented at Metro.