Feb. 14, 1986: Mayor Dennis Callahan meets privately with the five Housing Authority Commission members and asks them to resign. Feb. 15-16: Housing commissioners vote privately not to resign, but refuse to tell Callahan what they have decided. Callahan publicly calls for their resignations. Feb. 17: Tenants group calls for the commissioners to resign. Feb. 24: Commission President Bertina Nick resigns. Callahan appoints the Rev. Charles Simms to take her place. Tenants picket City Hall demanding the resignation of Housing Director Arthur Strissel Jr., who says he will not quit. Feb. 26: FBI confirms it is investigating the housing authority. April 10: Tenants group files a complaint with the city charging original commissioners with neglect and misconduct. April 15: Four commissioners vote to use housing authority funds to hire the Washington law firm of Arent, Fox, Kintner, Plotkin & Kahn to defend them, and protest that Callahan is too biased to hold hearings on tenant charges. April 18: Simms accuses the other commissioners of abusing housing funds by hiring a law firm and threatens to sue. April 24: Four commissioners file suit against Callahan in Anne Arundel Circuit Court, seeking to stop hearing. April 30: Circuit Court judge rules Callahan may hold hearings. May 1: Hearings on misconduct charges begin behind closed doors.