Several Montgomery Democrats gave up a glorious afternoon in the sun Saturday to perform community service chores around the county.

It was all part of day of activities designed to spotlight the campaign of County Council candidate Bruce Adams and to imbue party activists with some small sense of local mission.

For instance, Kevin P. Dwyer, a House of Delegates candidate from Bethesda, and a friend, Steve Hollman, took a steam cleaner to the carpets of the Fellowship House nursing nome on Old Georgetown Road. The pair also washed the facility's windows.

Meanwhile, Montgomery County Executive Charles W. Gilchrist, Adams and a half dozen other volunteers packed boxes of food at the Manna food center in Rockville for distribution to needy families.

At a morning ceremony, John W. Gardner, the founder of the Common Cause citizens group, hailed the community service as a worthy example of grass-roots organizing.

Gardner, 73, has lived in Montgomery for 21 years.

Bethesda lawyer Robin Ficker, a perennial candidate for public office in Montgomery County who has switched his political affiliation several times, announced this week that he is seeking the Republican nomination to the state Senate from District 15.

Ficker, known for his organizing petition drives on controversial issues in the county, is a former Republican member of the House of Delegates. He was defeated in 1982 after one term. He ran unsuccessfully as a Democract in 1974 for the U.S. House of Representatives and again in 1976 as an Independent.